Rubber Products

The only one of its kind

Rubber Products Division

Rubber Products Division is the only facility of its kind in the Department of Defense. As the sole source provider of the M1 road wheel, the depot has the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art track shoe and roadwheel re-build / manufacturing facility in the world. Rubber Products Division is capable of producing multiple types of track shoes and road wheels simultaneously to meet the Army’s demand. Equipment modernization projects such as the automated rubber denuding system and robotic road wheel material handlers have ensured that RRAD will continue to be a leading producer of track shoes and road wheels well into the future.

Since 1953, RRAD has produced nearly 250,000 track shoes and over 50,000 roadwheels. Along with the equipment modernization program, RRAD has developed a professionally trained staff of engineers, technicians, equipment specialists, rubber workers, systems operators and inspectors in its Rubber Products Operations.

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